Global Warming
What is global warming? Global warming is when the Earth's temperature increases more or has increased more or a period of years.

What are the causes of global warming?
Greenhouse gases are one of the causes of global warming, because some of the heat that the sun sends to Earth gets trapped in the Earth's atmosphere.

Why is global warming a problem?
Global warming is a problem because it causes climate change. Climate change causes the melting of polar ice sheets and sea levels to rise. The effect of sea levels rising would be changes in the map of the world, there would be less land and more water.

What can people do to help? One thing that we can do to help is reduce, reuse, and recycle. Also help prevent carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere. Help make laws to solve the problem of global warming. People can start making less polluting cars and use renewable energy.

If more people rode bicycles could that help with global warming? If more people rode bicycles more often it would help us and because fewer cars cause less air pollution.