Animal Adaptation/Habitat Data

Use this page to gather as much information as you can about how animals survive and how they adapt to their surroundings so you can design your own animal to survive in the area where you live. Cut and paste this page into a word processing program OR print it out to record your answers.

Animal Name :

1) Find as many different ways the animals you are researching use their eyes to help them survive - get food and water, keep them safe from predators, protect themselves, stay warm or cool, dry. NOTE: You probably won’t find answers for all of these, but find as many as you can, it will help you design your animal later.

2) Do the same for nose.

3) Mouth or beak (teeth, tongue, lips).

4) Ears.

5) Legs, feet, claws, hooves, wings.

6) Fur, feathers, shell, scales, (body covering).

7) Coloring.

8) How do they adapt to their habitat? Stay warm or cool, use their habitat to find food, shelter, water

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