Community Service

What is Community Service?

Community service is when someone performs an action like gardening, house keeping, fundraising, cleaning the highway and other things that are going to improve on his or her community. Some people do community service because its an option they get if they break the law. The option is commonly being in jail for a certain amount of time or doing community service for a few days or months.

How Does Community Service Help the Community?
Community Service helps our community because people do tree planting, clearing footpaths, painting and gardening which makes our community look better.

Why is Community Service Important?

How is Being Part of a Community Service Project Good for the Kids Involved?
Community Service helps kids because it helps families bond more and build lasting memories.

Find as Many Great Examples of Community Service Projects Designed by Kids That Have Been Successful as you can.
Jill Bader and Melissa Poe have begun a project on supporting clean up crews for the World Trade Center. In October when they begun the project they asked a warehouse to sell them gloves at a discount. They got students from different schools to help them decorate more then 200 pairs of gloves.