Safety - Bicycle safety - What are the important safety issues a bike rider should consider?

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You have to wear a helmet when you are riding a bike to be safe. Some injuries on the bicycle can be brain injuries.
To make sure that a helmet will protect you check if: 1 The straps are tight. If the straps are loose the helmet won't protect you as well. 2 The helmet needs to be covering your forehead. If you take a bad crash the helmet will not protect as well as it should.
Here are some more tips to be safe,
-Make sure that the seat, wheels and handle bars are set up right.
-Check if the chain and oil are working right.
-Check the brakes if they work well.
History of bicycles - Who invented the bicycle? What are some of the changes the bicycle has gone through over the years? List some of the different kinds of bicycles. This is a web site that has a lot on the history of bikes.

A Scottish blacksmith created the first self powered bike. The bike was very heavy. The bike was about 56 pounds.
In 1817 Baron Von Drais invented a machine that you don’t peddle you sit on it and push it with your feet.
In 1865 another bike was made that had the peddle on the front wheel and was made out of wood. It was an uncomfortable ride because it was made out of wood.
In 1870 the first all metal bike was made and had a very big front wheel and a very small back wheel, and it was hard to ride.
The pedals were still on the front wheel and it was difficult
to get on without falling.
When you fall off a bike without a helmet, you can get brain damage or even die.
Now bikes are smaller safer and better.

Exercise on bicycle - why is biking good for exercise? What are other advantages or benefits to riding a bike?

Here are two more web sites about the benefits of riding a bike.

Why is biking good for exercise?

Because it reduces the risk of obesity,
it reduces the chance of diseases, and
it keeps your body healthy.

If your child rides a bike it will boost their self confidence. It also saves money by not burning gasoline and helps not put out as much pollution in the air.